Work Experience: Undergraduate Assessment

Short- and Medium-Term Work Experience

The details below are for guidance only. Programme Leaders or a nominated tutor will provide an assignment brief for each student on work placement or self-employed work experience.

Section 1

An introduction, which includes how and why you obtained the professional experience and the relationship it has to your professional and career goals.

Short-term: 100 words
Medium-term: 250 words

Section 2

A brief description of the organisation, the nature of its work and your role within it, including a summary of the work you have done during the experience.

Short-term: 200 words
Medium-term: 350 words

Section 3

A more detailed description of the projects or tasks on which you have been engaged (please illustrate with examples where appropriate). This may take the form of a general description of a major project, but you should concentrate on the part you played and how you responded to being part of a team.

Short-term: 650 words
Medium-term: 1000 words

Section 4

Your own assessment of the extent to which you consider that you have met the Learning Outcomes of the Module. You should critically reflect on the skills you acquired, comment on your own personal performance and indicate the insights you have gained into the industry you were working within.

Short-term: 350 words
Medium-term: 550 words

Section 5

General comments on the professional period as a whole and how it has related to the courses/modules you had studied at the University. Also comment here on how you feel the experience might have been of benefit to you now and your future career direction.

Short-term: 200 words
Medium-term: 350 words

Approximate total word count totals

Short-term: 1500 words
Medium-term: 2500 words

Long-term (Sandwich) Work Experience

Assessment for a Sandwich Placement will be negotiated by the Programme Leader or nominated tutor, and will be tailored to suit the nature of the student’s placement or self-employment. Typically, this may be a portfolio of 2 parts, including a log kept throughout the placement, and a reflective report of no more than 2500 words. The log will normally provide a detailed record of the work undertaken throughout all 30+ weeks of the placement, and will be completed during the placement. The reflective report will typically be completed after the end of the placement.

The assignment brief will be supplied to the student by the Programme Leader or nominated tutor, after the details of the placement have been formally agreed and signed-off.

The attached document provides an example of a long-term (Sandwich) Work Experience assignment brief: CA Sandwich Year Assignment&FeedbackSheet exemplar March2019

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