AB180: The Student Office

The Student Office is responsible for all aspects of student administration. This covers the management of your student record, your modules, information on StudyNet, the submission of coursework, applications for extensions and deferrals (Serious Adverse Circumstances) and processing appeals. It is also responsible for administering Boards of Examiners, publishing results and producing final award transcripts.

The Student Office is based in the Todd Building, ground floor, adjacent to the bridge link to the Art & Design Gallery.

Your Student Administrators

Your Student Administrators are here to help you with all matters relating to your study. They should be your first port of call if you have any questions relating to the administration of your course.

They can help you with:

  • Enquiries about your course
  • Help with StudyNet
  • Problems submitting coursework
  • Appeals and serious adverse circumstances
  • Providing you with important dates, such as the dates of the Board of Examiners meetings
  • Any other queries about studying at Herts

Norah O’Shea

School Administration Manager

Call: 01707 285905 (internal: 5905)
Email: n.oshea@herts.ac.uk

Natasha Platt

Senior Student Administrator

Call: 01707 285356 (internal: 5356)
Email: n.platt@herts.ac.uk

Chloe Whinnett

Student Administrator for:
Arts Therapies and Wellbeing Foundation, MA Art & Design, MA Art Therapy, MA Film & Television, MSc Music, Postgraduate Media

Call: 01707 284871 (internal: 4871)
Email: c.whinnett@herts.ac.uk

Lucy Rose

Student Administrator for:
Architecture, Fashion, Fashion & Fashion Business, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior Architecture & Design, Product & Industrial Design, Design Crafts

Call: 01707 285309 (internal: 5309)
Email: l.rose4@herts.ac.uk

Hitesh Jethwa

Student Administrator for:
Music Composition & Technology, Music Industry Management, Music Technology, Fine Art, Photography

Call: 01707 284112 (internal: 4112)
Email: h.j.jethwa7@herts.ac.uk

Holly Parker

Student Administrator for:
Animation, Model Design

Call: 01707 285368 (internal: 5368)
Email: h.parker2@herts.ac.uk

Kate Greaves

Student Administrator for:
Film & Television, Digital Media Design

Call: 01707 285175 (internal: 5175)
Email: k.greaves3@herts.ac.uk

Brenda Costigan

Assistant Administrator
Reception, coursework hand-in

Call: 01707 285300 (internal: 5300)
Email: b.costigan@herts.ac.uk

Alex Thomas

Assistant Administrator
Reception, Weekly check-in

Call: 01707 284873 (internal: 4873)
Email: a.thomas27@herts.ac.uk

Nicola Herbert

Assistant Administrator
Reception, Timetabling

Call: 01707 284441 (internal: 4441)
Email: n.herbert@herts.ac.uk

Christina Nicolas

Assistant Administrator
Reception, Weekly check-in

Call: 01707 284872 (internal: 4872)
Email: c.nicolas2@herts.ac.uk

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