The Assessment Form

If you are submitting work through the electronic hand-in system (the slots) in the Todd Building, you will need to complete an assessment cover sheet or feedback form. An electronic copy of this should be downloadable from the Module Information section of the relevant StudyNet pages. This is important, so…leave yourself time to do it carefully.

The form provides:

  • a way of identifying your work
  • an opportunity for reflective self evaluation on what you learned in terms of knowledge and skills during the assignment
  • a channel for discussion with your tutor about your work
  • feedback on the assessment and your attainment
  • a record of your achievement

This form shows the Module Learning Outcomes which are being assessed in this assignment, and includes a text box for your own appraisal of your work, and a text box for comments from tutors where they give guidance to you.

Alongside the Learning Outcomes are a series of boxes which are used by the assessing tutor(s) to show your level of attainment using the University’s grading system. When you receive a copy of the Assessment and Feedback form, the ticks in the boxes indicate, in broad terms, your achievement in each of the Learning Outcomes. This gives you detailed feedback about how well you have learned, and should enable you to reflect on and plan your study. The comments from tutors will detail some aspects of your work, and if appropriate, give guidance on improving your work.

Please note that a cover sheet or assessment form is only required for submissions via the slots in the Todd Building: it is not required, for instance, for submission of work via StudyNet assignment link upload. If in doubt, please speak with your module tutor.

Step-by-step guide to completing the assessment form:

  1. Fill in the form on the computer screen. That way you can make alterations more easily and spell check your self-evaluation comments prior to submission
  2. Complete the top section with your name, pathway point code (also known as you ‘course instance’), level of study and date of submission. The pathway point or course instance code defines your course and ultimately your degree award. For example the pathway code for BA Animation Level 4 students is DANF4
  3. Fill in the date when the assignment is due for submission and Indicate if your work is being submitted within the late period
  4. Before you sign your name in the box marked Student Signature, remember to read the small print beneath. This is a reminder that in signing the form you are confirming that the assignment is your own work in accordance with University regulations on academic conduct. You may be asked to submit this form through Studynet or by e-mail. If you do this you need not sign the form as such, as your e-mail and Studynet password work as your signature, and stands as the agreement with the small print. If you are submitting the form by e-mail or through StudyNet enter ‘digital submission’ in the signature box
  5. The Assignment Details with the full module title, its module code, Topic/ Assignment/Project title and submission deadline will all have been completed by your tutor when setting the assignment. The box marked Weighting refers to the percentage of the overall module grade allocated to this assignment
  6. Your tutor will complete the Assignment Feedback grid by using the performance indicators to assess your work against the Learning Outcomes on the left hand side of the grid. Please do not tick these boxes yourself
  7. You are invited to complete the Student Self Evaluation box by reviewing what you have learnt during this assignment in terms of both knowledge and skills as related to the Learning Outcomes. Write a short comment for each of the learning outcomes, saying where you have fulfilled the learning outcome in your work and how it has contributed to your learning in the assignment, in the module and in your studies overall. You may also want to appraise yourself here, saying how well you think you have done and how well you have learned the skill or knowledge. It is invaluable to take stock of what you have learned about your learning processes and how you would like to improve next time
  8. Now SAVE the form and make sure you keep a copy on file or memory stick
  9. If you have been asked to make a paper based submission, print out a copy of the assignment sheet for each assignment submitted. So, for example, if you have to submit two copies, then print and attach two copies of the assessment feedback form.
  10. If you are submitting the form through Studynet or by e-mail, upload or send the file
  11. Tutors will use the form to complete the assessment process. You will get a copy of the completed form after the assessment has been done. This may be as printed paper handed to you in a feedback tutorial, by e-mail or through Studynet. It is important that you make sure you keep a copy of the form when it is returned to you as it is your record of the assessment and of the guidance you were given.
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