Referencing: Poems

Poems are not referenced in the same way as book chapters. In-text you need to mention the poem and poet and page number, but in the Bibliography you will need to reference the source (book, etc.) where you found the poem.   

FAMILY/SURNAME, Initials. (ed.) or (eds.).-in brackets for editor(s). (Year of publication – in brackets). Book Title – in italics. Series title and volume – if available. Edition – if not the first. Place of Publication: Publisher.   

Bibliography example:  
If you refer to a poem in your work from a book, for example a poem from the following book, you will need to reference the source (book) where the poem can be found:   

FISH, J. (2004). The Art of Poetry. London: Fish and Sons.   

The poem Spring Time by Bloggs (Fish, 2004, p.67) shows…  
This was highlighted in Bloggs’ Spring Time (Fish, 2004, p.67).  
‘Direct quotations are placed in single quotations marks’ (Author’s Surname, Year of Publication, p. – followed by page number – in brackets).

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