Referencing: Podcasts

Podcast citations should commence with the name of the originator or organisation which produced the podcast.   

FAMILY/SURNAME, initials or organisation if no named person is available. (Year of distribution – in brackets). Title of Podcast – in italics. Number and/or title of the episode – if needed. [Online – in square brackets]. Date of the Podcast. Available from – URL. [Accessed: followed by date in square brackets]   

Bibliography example:  
BBC RADIO 4. (2008). Material World: Severn Barrage & Paleopathology introduced by Quentin Cooper. [Online]. Thursday 15th May. Available from: [Accessed: 19th May 2008]   

In-text citation example 
If you refer to a podcast in the body of your work, the title will need to be placed in italics: 
…examined in BBC Radio 4’s podcast Material World: Severn Barrage & Paleopathology (2008)…

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