Referencing: No publication date

If the item you are referencing has no publication date or only an approximate or dubious date, use the following information to best describe the item:  

  • If there is no date available use the abbreviation (n.d.). in brackets   
  • If there is only an approximate date available precede the approximate date with a lowercase c. (for circa) in brackets, for example (c.1903).   

Bibliography examples 
DUNDEE CITY ART GALLERY and MUSEUM. (n.d.). Dundee Tiles 1880-1930. Dundee: Dundee City Art Gallery and Museum.  

ROOSEVELT, T. (c.1886). Thomas Hart Benton. Boston and New York: Houghton-Mifflin and Company.   

 In-text citation example 
(Dundee City Art Gallery and Museum. n.d.). 
This was shown at the exhibition hosted at the Dundee City Art Gallery and Museum (n.d.). ‘Direct quotations are placed in single quotations marks’ (Author’s Surname, Year of Publication, p. – followed by page number – in brackets).

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