Referencing: Corporate authors (groups, committees, companies)

(Includes publications by groups, committees, government departments, companies, etc.)

COUNTRY. NAME OF ISSUING BODY. (Year of publication in brackets) Title of publication – in italics. Place of publication: Publisher. (Report Number – if available in brackets).

Bibliography example:
GREAT BRITAIN. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY. (1977) Tidal Power Barrages in the Severn Trent Estuary: Recent Evidence on their Feasibility. London: H. M.S. O. (Energy Papers 23) Sport Industry Research Centre. (2005). Sport Market Forecasts 2005-2009. Sheffield: Sport Industry Research Centre.

In-text citation example:
(Great Britain. Department of Energy, 1977)

The Great Britain Department of Energy (1977) concluded that…

(Sport Industry Research Centre, 2005)

Figures from the Sport Industry Research Centre (2005) show that…

‘Direct quotations are placed in single quotations marks’ (Author’s Surname, Year of Publication, p. – followed by page number – in brackets)

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