Work Experience: Postgraduate Assessment

Section 1: Introduction

An introduction, which explains how and why you obtained the professional experience and the relationship it has to your professional and career goals
Suggested Word Count = 200

Section 2: The organisation or client

A brief description of the organisation or client, the nature of its work and your role within it.
Suggested Word Count = 300

An analysis of the organisation or client and its work in the context of the creative and cultural industries, discussing the place and value of the organisation/client within those industries.
Suggested Word Count = 800

Section 3: Your work

A summary of the work you have done during the experience (indlude appendices showing samples of your work if appropriate)
Suggested Word Count = 400

Critically reflect on the skills you aquired, and indicate the insights you have gained into the creative and cultural and/or theraputic industries. Your reflection should demonstrate how your experiences have allowed you to meet the learning outcomes for the assessment.
Suggested Word Count = 800

Approximate word count total = 2500

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