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Student work

We believe that the School is as good as the student work it produces, which is why we put so much effort into our teaching but it is also why we actively promote our end of year exhibition, film days and concerts to maximise our impact on the industry and on the local community.

Selling work

During the show we seek to sell student work to our contacts such as UHArts, other Schools and offices, to local concerns and to the general public. During this time professional gallery relationships are in place and we take a commission of 20% on all work sold. This commission is less than any commercial gallery but works in exactly the same way and helps to sponsor the widening publicity campaign we undertake each year. The details of this scheme are distributed to each exhibiting student during the course of the final year but it is important to note that only artwork on the School Price List can be offered for sale during the exhibition. It is also essential that we at all times continue to present ourselves as professionals able to interface with the community in a businesslike fashion.

Ownership of work

Intellectual property rights in works produced by the student in fulfilment of the course requirements (the “Works”) and the Works themselves shall remain the property of the student. By accepting a place on a course, the student grants UH a free, non-exclusive, irrevocable licence to copy by (photographic or other means) the Works for the purpose of exhibition, dissemination, publicity and any other non-commercial purpose. This enables UH to promote the talent of the University and its students on the web, at festivals and similar events.

We are also becoming more involved in commercialising the skills and creativity of our staff and students. Opportunities may arise in which UH is able to commission selected students to produce materials for external clients of the University. Intellectual property rights in and ownership of pieces produced under these circumstances will vary from case to case. However, such opportunities will generally be exploited under specific agreements which provide for any benefit to be shared between the University and the student.

Short Courses and Continuing Professional Development

As part of your development as a creative professional, finding the space to grow and to take risks is vital to the growth of your professional life or business. Our professional development helps you address challenges, clarify objectives and accelerate your journey towards achieving these goals. Staying engaged with lifelong learning can help you gain new skills, reflect on work, network and innovate.

The School run courses that are designed to enable you to learn in an engaging, friendly and flexible way, giving space and time to take risk, innovate and update your knowledge and are constantly refreshing and revising these according to demand, and are happy to discuss with you the devising of a short course or development of a project in liaison with you. Alternatively you may wish to consider participating on the courses and events that are planned to take place during the academic year and are published in the Creative Short Course & Training Directory.

For further details please contact Tricia Bryan (01707) 285388,

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