AA011: Equipment Loan Store

Visit our online booking system at www.loanstore.herts.ac.uk

The equipment loan store is on the lower ground floor of the Art and Design building. Take the stairs at the bottom of the Gallery and turn left at the bottom.

CHANGES TO THE CREATIVE ARTS LOAN STORE from September 2020 until further notice

Please read carefully


From the beginning of the new academic year, the Loan Store will implement new operational procedures for the safety of both staff and students to protect them from Covid-19 infection and to minimize the possibility of cross-contamination.

These changes will affect both teaching and student equipment loans and room bookings.

Please note that in the event of contact with an infected person, the loan service will cease immediately, and the store will go into lock-down. No further loans will be issued until we are given the all-clear.

ALL equipment loaned out will be placed into quarantine for 72 hours before technical staff will handle it and clean it for reuse.

All loans will be made through the booking system with a minimum 24 hours advance notice. No ad-hoc loans will be issued to staff or students. Visits to the Loan Store are by appointment only or if you are collecting/returning a loan.

All rules regarding loss or damage of equipment remain in place.


The Loan Store will be split into three areas, to minimize footfall along the narrow corridor to the basement Loan Store.


BASEMENT LOAN STORE – Art & Design Building Room AA011

The basement Loan Store will be the collection area for film & TV kit loans and audio & music equipment loans (microphones etc.). Film & TV loans kit will be returned to a quarantine area after use, situated in the old student admin office (room AB180) at the end of the tunnel from the gallery which connects to the Todd Building. These loan returns will not be accepted at the basement Loan Store, under any circumstances.

Audio and music equipment collections will be from the basement Loan Store lockers, situated outside the store.  These must be returned to the same locker for quarantine. You will collect a locker key to pick up equipment and you will return the locker key when finished. A member of staff will do a visual check on the return, but the final check and clean will not take place until the 72-hour quarantine period has passed.

Some items which are used by other courses can still be issued and returned to the basement Loan Store, such as projectors, Arduino kits and peripherals, using the locker system.


PHOTOGRAPHY LOAN STORE – Mercer Building Room A231

Photography equipment loans will now be collected from the new Loan Store in the Mercer building (room A231). You will be given a key to a locker with your loan equipment inside. You will keep the key for the duration of the loan and return the equipment to the locker on completion of the loan. You will return the key to the Mercer Photography Loan Store. A member of staff will carry out a visual check on the return. The equipment will be quarantined for 72 hours before being handled and cleaned by technical staff.



Hand sanitizers will be located at central points in the School and wipes will be available in all the audio studios and video and audio edit suites. Students will be required to sanitize their hands before entering the spaces and upon leaving. Rules regarding the number of people allowed in a space will be clearly displayed outside the room. If users abuse these rules, they will be removed and the booking cancelled.

Wipes are provided for each user to clean the keyboards and surface before use, these should be disposed of in the special bins under the dispenser.

Studios may be quarantined if safety precautions have not been taken. This will impact on the availability of the spaces, so it is essential that users follow the rules displayed outside the spaces.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

The Loan Store Team.

Opening times

Monday – Thursday
9.00am – 4.30pm

9.00am – 3.30pm



+44 (0)1707 284000 (ext. no.)

Technical Specialists

Gary McConville
Principal Technical Officer – Loans, Film & TV

David Daji
Senior Technical Officer – Loans, Film & TV

Phil Shephard-Lewis
Senior Technical Officer – Photography

Adam Rushton
Senior Technical Officer – Loans & School

Lucas Antippa 
Technical Officer – Loans

Ernie Hill
Technical Officer – Loans

Please note

Many of the items in this area require an induction before use.

Your student ID card is required to use the facility.

The late return of equipment will incur a fine.

We only loan to Creative Arts staff and students (unless otherwise agreed).

The Equipment Loan Store houses a large array of bookable film and television, music and photography equipment, ranging from HD quality film and broadcast cameras, to a Phase One digital medium format camera, a Soundfield studio microphone, and Bowens GM500R studio lights.

Equipment is bookable by students and staff, either individually, or in groups. All that is required to loan equipment is your UH ID card. Bookings must be made online at least 24 hours before collection. Loans are made for a 24 hour period as standard (unless agreed otherwise by the technical team).


As a relatively limited amount of equipment has to service the whole school, it is essential that items are returned promptly. As a result, it has been agreed by the school that late equipment will be charged £30 (per day). Please note that this policy is strictly enforced, so any delay due to unforeseen circumstances must be immediately reported to (and agreed with by) a technical staff member in order to avoid this fine (contact information can be obtained above).

Insurance against loss or damage is not covered by the University policy; you are responsible for the care and safety of loaned equipment, and may be held responsible for any damage and loss.

Terms & Conditions

The equipment that is being loaned is the responsibility of the student member or student group who has signed for the equipment. A university identification card must be produced and scanned to make sure that you are eligible to loan the equipment.

This student member or student group is responsible for the proper care and timely return of the equipment.

You are expected to return the equipment in a tidy manner, including kits in designated bags and cables properly wrapped. Please be aware the equipment must all be returned at once.

You are expected to contact the loan store before your allocated return slot using the contact details found above if any unforeseen circumstances prevent the return of the equipment. A daily penalty of £30 is incurred for late return of kit.

Any losses or damages must be reported to the loan store staff as soon as possible via the contact details found above. Any equipment missing or damaged due to misuse during a student loan will be paid for by that student or student group.

An induction must take place before the loan of any specialist equipment from the loan store.

You must ensure the safety of your equipment and others at all times.

The equipment is not insured against misuse or avoidable accident.

Do not attempt to repair/or have repaired any equipment without consulting the loan store staff. Please speak with the technical team before cleaning any of the equipment as this can often result in damage.

This equipment must not be left accessible in unlocked rooms. You are responsible for all equipment while it is in your possession and it must be locked away securely when not in use.

You must not loan or rehire any equipment to a third party.

The equipment will remain the absolute property of the University of Hertfordshire throughout the loan. All equipment is tested before the loan, but it is your responsibility to check the equipment is in complete and working order.

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