What is Referral?

If you receive referral grade for a module (as indicated by codes of FREF, FREFC) it means that the work you have submitted within the module falls short of the required standard in one or more of the Learning Outcomes, and in one or more of the assignments. It may also mean that you have failed to submit a required coursework component within the module.

A Referral means that you have an opportunity to improve the work and re-submit it (or hand in the work that you did not submit) within a stated period without having to repeat the module next year.

If this applies to you, you will need to re-submit coursework by a specified deadline. For modules beginning in September 2019 or later, if sufficient to pass, the assignment that you have re-submitted will receive a maximum (capped) grade of 40 for undergraduate students or 50 for postgraduate students. If there are other assignments on the module, the module grade will then be calculated, taking account of the original marks that you have received for passed assignment, and any capped grades that you have received for referred assignments.

Written feedback from tutors will have made clear where the work has fallen short of the required standard, and will have indicated the kind of things you need to do in order to improve the material to attain a pass mark. This together with tutorial feedback will direct you to which Learning Outcomes need to be addressed in the re-submission of work. For re-submission you will be required to further develop the work, in line with the specifications of the original brief, to bring the work up to the expected standard in all the Learning Outcomes and in all component parts.

You will include with the re-submitted material a short statement explaining what has been added or changed in the material since the original submission, how that improves on the original submission, and how it relates to the Learning Outcomes and to the written feedback from tutors.

If you are unsure of exactly what you need to re-submit, make an arrangement to meet with your programme tutor as soon as possible.

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