Serious Adverse Circumstances

Serious Adverse Circumstances Form

What happens if you are unfit / unwell / unable to submit work?

Students, (and staff) will find clear guidance examples of exactly what does and does not constitutes a ‘Serious Adverse Circumstance’ (SAC) here.

Any student who submits work for assessment deems themselves to be sufficiently fit and well to undertake that assessment – students may not later claim to have extenuating circumstances in respect of the assessment.

If, having consulted the guidance information for ‘Serious Adverse Circumstances’ (available on the School’s website above), you feel that they have grounds to request a short extension to an assessment deadline, then you should make your request to your tutor in the first instance BEFORE THE DEADLINE. Your tutor will follow the University’s Guidance (the same guidance you have available) in determining if a short extension may be permitted or not.

If you feel that a longer period of extension will be required, YOU will need to decide if you are fit enough to submit the work or not.

If you choose to not submit your work, you must complete and submit a Serious Adverse Circumstances Form along with evidence to support your claim to the Student Office in the Todd Building NO LATER THAN 2 WORKING DAYS AFTER THE DEADLINE, and the School Assessment Panel (SAP) will consider your claim and make a recommendation to the Exam Board whether to allow a deferral or not.

Tutors will not provide additional guidance above that available to students at the URL above – nor attempt to predict if a student’s claim will be accepted by the School Assessment Panel – the choice of whether to submit work or not lies entirely with you.

Remember: Students and staff have access to exactly the same guidance information regarding Serious Adverse Circumstances.

Typically, IF your Serious Adverse Circumstance is deemed to be in line with those sited in UH guidance, and if you can provide sufficient evidence, the Module Board of Examiners will permit a ‘Deferral’ opportunity.

You can read more about the University’s policy regarding Serious Adverse Circumstances here (Look in Section C2.8) or in the University’s A–Z here.

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