A-Z of essential information & FAQs

Amongst the information that you will have received to date, you should have a UH A-Z pocket guide which is a University-wide handbook that contains useful general information for all students. It is full of useful contact numbers and addresses that cover a wide range of student services.

In addition you can access the UH A-Z pocket guide, in addition to a wide variety of other support via Studynet, here:


To supplement the above, we have created an additional A-Z guide specifically for students in Creative Arts which attempts to answer many Frequently Asked Questions and shows who you should contact regarding specific matters:

“I’m going to be absent from the University, who should I tell…?”

Report absence to ask@herts.ac.uk

Also see Extensions and Serious Adverse Circumstances below.

“Where do I get assessment/assignment form from…?”

If required, these can usually be obtained via StudyNet Module pages, alongside the Assignment brief.

“Do I need to attend, what happens if I don’t…?”
(see also ‘ID Cards’)

Students are required to attend all timetabled sessions for their programme. Some modules have specific attendance requirements in place which will normally be highlighted within the relevant DMD (Definitive Module Document). Lack of attendance may inhibit the students’ ability to meet the learning outcomes of modules leading to reduced or fail grades through poor performance.
Attendance may be taken into consideration when discussing your results at the Board of Examiners with the consequence of reduced or failed grades.

“I have a great business idea and would like to co-develop it with the School/University, where should I go…?

Contact the Student Enterprise Team at enterprise@herts.ac.uk or look at their website here: https://www.herts.ac.uk/experience-hub/start-a-business

“Where can I get some support and advice on my career path…?” 

Contact the The Careers, Employment and Enterprise Service
Contact: 01707 284791 | careers@herts.ac.uk

“My contact details have changed (name, address, telephone, etc) who should I inform…?” 

You details can be changed on your Student Record on StudyNet.

“Where / how do I submit my Coursework…?”

Unless otherwise directed by your tutor, coursework should be handed in on the Studynet module page, under Assignments. If you have physical work to submit, your Assignment brief will describe the method of submission.

“I can’t find a room or a tutor…?”

You can use the University’s wayfinding App to locate a room anywhere on campus. This is part of the Herts Mobile App that can be found on Google Play or Apple Store: https://mobile.herts.ac.uk/


If you get lost or need to locate a tutor, you can also report to Reception.

In case of emergency (e.g. to report a fire, suspicious or threatening behaviour, a suspicious package or bomb threat, medial emergency)
Tel: 01707 28 5555 (ext 5555)

For all other non-emergency contact with the Security Control room
Tel: 01707 28 1010 (ext 1010)

“My work is going to be late, but I have a good reason and it is unavoidable, what should I do…?”

Read the Assessment Section of this website for advice.

“How do I find out about what is going on in the Art & Design Gallery? Who manages it…?”

Contact Inna Allen

Email: i.allen@herts.ac.uk

Lost or stolen ID cards should be reported to the Library and Computing Services at helpdesk@herts.ac.uk at the earliest opportunity to prevent others from using your card until you get a replacement.

If your card is lost or not working and needs to be replaced, visit Ask Herts Hutton – located in the Hutton Hub building opposite the Forum on the College Lane campus.

“Why do I need to swipe my card when I’m on campus…?”

In addition to taking registers in taught sessions, the University operates an electronic card system for recording student attendance (TAMS). If you are failing to swipe in on a regular basis, you will be considered not to be attending and this will be brought to the attention of your tutors for consideration and you will be contacted for an explanation. Both the University and the Faculty enforce attendance policies to meet their statutory obligations to funding bodies and government agencies, such as Local Education Authorities, the Student Loans Company and the Home Office.

“Who do I contact for support with the Learning Resources in the LRC…?”

IH Helpdesk
Contact: 01707 284 678 (ext 4678) | helpdesk@herts.ac.uk

“Is there anyone in Information Hertfordshire that can specifically help a Creative Arts Student…?”

Contact Cathy Tong

Call: 01707 283 104

Email: c.tong@herts.ac.uk

“Where can I go to retrieve or hand-in a lost/found item…?”

Report to the College Lane Campus Reception

Tel: (01707) 285130 (ext 5130)

“I have an issue and I would like to talk to someone about, it’s not directly to do with my academic work, and nor is it something I want to talk with the counselling services about, is there anyone else I can talk to…?”

Yes, you will have been allocated a Personal Tutor / Year Tutor. If you are unsure who this is, please ask your Programme Leader for advice. There is always someone to talk with… just ask.

“I require a reference / official letter…”

Please politely make the request for a reference directly to your tutor. Official letters can be arranged from the Student Office.
Room: AB180
Tel: 01707 285300

“How can I find out my results…?”

Confirmed results are notified via StudyNet, in the ‘Your Results’ section.

“I have failed a module, how will I know what to do next…?”

If you have failed a module and have been given a referral opportunity, you will also be notified via the ‘Your Results’ section.

You need to check this section of StudyNet regularly when results are pending. Final Award results only, are sent out to your home address.

“I want to pursue further professional development or undertake a short course provided by the School, who should I contact to find out more…?”

Nick Thomas
Short Course Administrator
Contact: (01707) 285327 | n.thomas9@herts.ac.uk

“How can I contact the Student Union…?”

Tel: 01707 285000 (ext 5000)
Web: www.hertfordshire.su

“I need technical support / advice / Health & Safety training / risk assessment / access to workshops or other facilities, how do I do that…?”

Contact one of our many Technical Officers within the School. Report to the Student Office AB180 / telephone (01707 285300), for contact details.

“I’m thinking of withdrawing (quitting) my studies…”

If you are considering withdrawing from your studies, in the first instance you should discuss this with your Programme Leader or Personal Tutor.  Should you be absolutely sure that you wish to withdraw, having first spoken with your Programme Leader/Personal Tutor, you should contact Lewis Harrison-Barker, the Student Engagement and Skills Lead (l.harrisonbarker1@herts.ac.uk) who will be able to advise and provide you with the necessary form to complete.

Please note: There is a process where by you may be permitted to “Rest” (read, pause) your studies for a period of time rather than withdrawing completely.

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