Student Representatives

What is a Student Rep?

The Student Rep system is run as a joint project between the University of Hertfordshire (UH) and Hertfordshire Students’ Union (HSU). Every Programme has Student Reps elected – usually 2 for each year group – to represent their peers and to work in conjunction with HSU.

The aim of the system is to ensure that each and every student has their voice heard and is able to input into shaping the student experience. Every School has a School Academic Committee (SAC) and Programme Committees. Student Reps attend these committees and feed back the views of the student body.

Student Reps play an incredible (and incredibly important) role within the University. They ensure that students have their views heard and are active in improving the student experience here at the University of Hertfordshire.

Student Reps are vital in making sure that the University is aware when there are issues or problems that need to be addressed, but they are also important in sharing the things that are going well and influencing the vibrant creative and social culture of the School.

Who are your Student Reps?

You can find out who your current Student Reps are by viewing your StudyNet portal. By default, the names and contact details of your Reps are shown on the right-hand side of the screen. Alternatively, speak with your Undergraduate or Postgraduate Programme Leader.

Each course appoints a number of Student Representatives, from each year group, elected by you, to represent your views to staff, to programme committees and to the Dean of School, Phil Healey. To find out more above becoming a Student Rep for your course, click here.

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