The importance of reflection

Learning effectively is above all an attitude of mind which blends passion, openness, enquiry and reflection. Reflection is a very important part of learning to learn. To reflect is to take time out to think about what you have learned or done and whether you could do it differently or better. It is a process of conscious self-evaluation in which you can analyse your feelings and working processes, taking account of feedback from your peers and tutors, in order to decide on possible strategies to improve your performance.

Within the structure of each module you take, there are opportunities for reflection. Tutorials and crits, filling in the self-evaluation section on the form handed in with assessed work, and tutor’s feedback will provide you with an opportunity to evaluate and improve your performance.

Reflection can, however, be done at any time and it is useful to make it a natural part of your process of working. Remember that reflection should be positive. Consider your strengths as well as your weaknesses and use your identification of problems or weaknesses as a starting point for deciding how you might remedy them.

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