Work Experience: Responsibilities of the placement provider

The University accepts that the nature of placements will vary from one company to another. However, in order to meet the requirements of the professional institutions for accreditation of degree awards, the University requires of the placement providers the following:

  • a placement learning programme preferably issued prior to the start of the placement,alternatively such a plan should be agreed with the Placements Tutor or Visiting Tutor following commencement of the placement. By arrangement, the programme may be developed during the placement period. The programme should provide value to the company while developing the knowledge and skills of the student in the context of the appropriate programme of study
  • a safe working environment for placement students while in placement that complies with appropriate Health and Safety requirements
  • a working environment that makes reasonable adjustment/allowance for those with disabilities
  • a Company Supervisor to manage the student’s day-to-day assigned duties and tasks
  • a Company Mentor for the student who will be involved in the development of the placement learning programme, oversee its implementation, take part in the student assessment through a mutually agreed regular monitoring process, identify and provide appropriate on-the-job or other training
  • a suitable Induction Programme appropriate to the size of the company and the nature of placement. Such a programme should include:
  • safety issues, appropriate company operating procedures and any general training requirements
  • a meeting with the designated Company Mentor and/or Supervisor
  • meetings with individuals that the student is expected to work with initially
  • an understanding of the nature of products, services and customers of the placementprovider
  • an understanding of the structure of the organisation, reporting and communicationprocesses of the placement provider
  • working conditions, labour relations, designated safety and personnel officers
  • access by the Placements Tutor and Visiting Tutor to company facilities, supervisory staff (including the Mentor) for monitoring of the student’s progress and activities
  • treatment of the student as an employee of the company in accordance with the company’s Human Resources/Personnel policy. In the event of any grievance, apply the company’s normal disciplinary procedure, but in addition maintain contact with the Faculty Placements Office, to allow counselling, discussion and mediation by the designated Placements Tutor prior to formal disciplinary action
  • at the end of the placement period completion of a report by the placement provider Mentor on the student’s progress during the placement.


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