Assessment: Interpretation of Grades

The performance of all students within the School of Creative Arts will be reported to the Module Board of Examiners using the following scale(s) for recording achievement.

Although our university records all marks on a 0–100 numeric grade system, Coursework submitted for subjects within the School of Creative Arts tends not to be amenable to being marked reliably using such fine grading. Therefore, when tutors in Creative Arts are assessing your work, they will select the appropriate mark from only those shown in the right hand columns of the following tables – this is referred to in the School as “The 19-Point Scale”.

In exceptional circumstances it may not be possible to mark a student’s work at the same time as the rest of the class. This may be because the student has an extension, has submitted late, or some other reason. In which case, the placeholder EX is used until the marking is complete.

Please Note:

Grades above 90 are awarded ONLY for work of truly outstanding quality and are used very sparingly by your tutors.

Students with an OVERALL AVERAGE Module Grade below 20% will not be offered the opportunity for a referral and will be required to repeat the module the following year (if permitted).

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