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Covid-19 update on service provision for academic writing support

Guidance from personal tutors and support via English and Maths drop-in services at the LRC, posters detailing service availability are all around the university and you can find more details on their studynet page:

Academic English and Study Skills Development

When sending your work to the Center for Academic English team linked above, it would be helpful if you highlight specific areas of concern and include an indication of what you would like them to focus on:

  • Critical analysis and evaluation: How to demonstrate critical thinking within your writing.
  • Paragraph or sentence structure: Use of English, PEEEL/ PQC methods of structuring your content clearly and concisely.
  • Paraphrasing: How to ensure that what you are writing makes sense and retains the context of your source without fear of plagiarism. If you are concerned about a turnitin report, please send the report along with your work so they can best judge how to advise you
  • Planning the assignment: Understanding the assignment brief; how to write a research question; how to plan your time effectively with regards to research and writing; how to construct an outline.
  • Referencing: How to cite your resources correctly within the text and how to format and document your resources using the correct Harvard style of referencing.
  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation: Use of English, effective use of word processing tools.
  • Structuring the assignment: How to ensure your ideas/ arguments flow logically, how to stay within your word count.
  • Understanding and addressing feedback: Looking at past feedback from your tutors and ensuring this is applied to your current work
  • Writing style (1st person/ 3rd person, reflective): Use of English, understanding the requirements of voice and tone in academic writing.

Most of all: Don’t panic, be smart – the University is doing all it can to ensure that YOU can do the best you can; we’re here to help so ask when you need it!

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