AA180: 3D Workshop 2 & Fine Art Studios

The 3D Workshop 2 is located on the ground floor of the Art & Design Building, take the right hand corridor from the Gallery and it’s the first door on the right after the social space.

Peter Brownhill
Principal Technical Officer
Email: p.brownhill@herts.ac.uk

Chris Cumpson
Senior Technical Officer
Email: c.j.cumpson@herts.ac.uk

Barbara Lander
Senior Technical Officer
Email: b.lander@herts.ac.uk

Monday – Thursday
9.30am – 4.30pm

9.30am – 3.30pm

Please note

Most of the processes in this area require a formal induction. Please speak with the technical staff to find out more information, or speak with your course tutor about arranging a full class induction.

The second 3D Workshop gives access to modelling, casting and fabrication facilities.

The Fibreglass Workshop has seven large workstations for individual working and allows access for teaching groups of up to 20 students.

A forge and anvil gives access to blacksmithing techniques and rolling bars allow for the shaping and forming of sheet and a mechanical hacksaw, metal cutting vertical bandsaw and Chop Saw are used for cutting large, medium and small section metal components. The welding facility gives access to heavy and light welding equipment including MIG Welding for steel and oxyacetylene for cutting, welding and braising, and with propane for Soldering.

The workshop has a wet area for building, moulding and casting with clay, plaster and wax. As well as the space to build and mould figures and creatures for creating moulds and casts in fibreglass.

Large scale or processes not easily accommodated inside can be produced in the sculpture yard, which has lifting equipment and airline points.

This space includes the rooms AA173, AA174, AA177, AA178, AA179, AA182 and AA185.

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