Presentation for handing in level 4 & 5 essays

Text, illustrations and appropriate binding should all be easy to use and carefully presented. Avoid using unnecessarily bulky binders for your work, and avoid plastic pockets, which make it difficult for the tutor to make notes on your essay. Your essay should be arranged in a standard way including:

  • Self assessment/assessment feedback sheet
  • Title page (name, programme, title, date)
  • Text with illustrations
  • Endnotes, if not using footnotes
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices (unlikely to apply unless you are specifically asked to append materials to your essay)
  • List of illustrations, if not using full captions
  • Word count

The word count refers to the text only. Footnotes, endnotes, bibliographies, illustration captions and appendices do not contribute to the word count. Most word-processor packages contain automatic word-count features. The word counter in Word can exclude footnotes/endnotes, but nothing else, so it is best to move bibliography, appendices and illustration captions to a separate file when doing the word count on the essay.

Submitting assignments

Your assignment brief should specify how your work should be submitted. Generally there are two different ways:

  • A physical system using the ‘letter boxes’ on the ground floor of the Todd building Please insert all your work (not individual pages) into a plastic folder, do not use staples, include your assessment form/assignment brief or cover sheet (these documents require your self-evaluation and a signature that confirms the work is your own), find your course code in the folder and scan the barcode, then scan your UH I-D barcode, a receipt will be printed out in two halves, put one half very securely into your plastic folder, and retain the other half. Post your submission through the correct box for your module.
  • An electronic system using StudyNet: On your portal click on <Help & Support > scroll down and click on <Skills for study, assignments and exams>, under ‘Assignments and exams’ click on <StudyNet: Submitting Assignments>. This document provides detailed information about how to submit assignments via StudyNet.
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