Assessment: Getting feedback on your work

Giving feedback on your work has two main purposes – to evaluate your work by giving it a grade and to give advice on how you could improve your performance.

Feedback may be written or verbal, or both in some cases. During the semester while you are undertaking particular projects you may receive formative (interim) progress reports. These are likely to be verbal and/or through written tutorial reports. At the end of the semester or at the end of a particular assignment, a mark will be given with advice on the strengths or weakness of your submission and ways to improve your performance in the future. After each summative (end of Semester) assessment, verbal and/or written feedback is normally provided as soon as possible after the assessment has taken place (generally within a maximum of 4 weeks). Marks are confirmed at the Module Examination Board at the end of each semester and the results are published on StudyNet in an area titled ‘Your Results’. You will receive a full transcript of your results at the end of your study when you receive notification of your final Award.

It is important that you keep informed as to how the assessment process works. You will need to be clear on the assessment requirements and the criteria being used to mark your work. When you receive any feedback – either verbal or written – be sure to consider it carefully and think about how to apply it to any subsequent pieces of assessment. If you are unclear on any of this, please seek advice from the tutor teaching your module or the Programme Leader responsible for your course.

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