Option 1: Short-term work experience

Many of our programmes will include modules that have been identified and specifically designed to allow a short-term, optional work experience to be undertaken by a student within the module.

This is typically set-up by local agreement with the Programme Leader, prior to the commencement of the module.

In this option, the student may be permitted to substitute part of the module and part of its assessment, for resulting work related to a short period of work experience. The relevant DMD (definitive module document) will provide further information on this type of short-term work experience.

Short-term work experiences may be undertaken in-line (simultaneously) with the student’s other study commitments during the academic year that the module is running. It should be demonstrated that this will not impact upon other study commitments / contact time.

Alternatively, short-term work experience may be undertaken during the summer period (Semester C) prior to the start of the academic year that the module will commence.

Indicative duration(s) of short-term work experience:

  • c.75 hours if within a 15 credit module
  • c.150 hours if within a 30 credit module
  • c.225 hours if within a 45 credit module

For the purpose of assessment of a short-term work experience, a bespoke ‘Assignment Briefing / Feedback Sheet’ should be created by the tutor using the standard template used in the School. For tutors, the Assignment Briefing Sheet template is available on the School of Creative Arts StudyNet Department page.

(StudyNet > Creative Arts > Department Information > Assessment Handbook and Forms).


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