Work Experience: Benefits of work-based learning

Work based learning is considered to benefit the student in a number of ways, by allowing the student to:

  • consolidate many of the techniques, skills and practices taught and to enable the student to relate theoretical concepts to practical situations
  • encourage a mature approach to problem solving and to develop the student’s ability to evaluate issues and situations critically and propose well-considered options and solutions
  • broaden the scope of the student’s experiential learning beyond that which is possible within the University courses and to develop the student’s communications and time management skills;
  • provide experiences that will form a framework or agenda for the student’s final year project
  • provide an opportunity for the student to improve post-graduation employment potential by acquisition of specific training and skills
  • create and enhance the student’s awareness of the needs and methods of industry/commerce technical, commercial and managerial
  • encourage the student to accept responsibility and discharge duties conscientiously and in a professional manner
  • work experience may contribute to the period of post graduate training and experience necessary to qualify for full membership of appropriate professional institutions

Potential benefits to the placement provider include:

  • two-way knowledge transfer between industry and the University
  • use of an additional resource that is not necessarily directly tasked with daily operational work
  • an opportunity to tackle problems by someone without preconceived solutions or company history
  • an extended evaluation period for a potential new employee
  • an opportunity to develop collaborative work with the University

Potential benefits to the University include:

  • student recruitment to the University is encouraged by the high employment rate of its graduates which is positively affected by the professional placement experience
  • placement visits provide an excellent opportunity for academics to directly liaise and discuss with company staff mutual areas of interest for collaboration and research
  • placement visits can provide an opportunity for staff development
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