1B07: Animation Baseroom / Motion Capture Studio

All animation suites are equipped with Intel i7 quad core computers accompanied by 24” Full HD displays and Wacom tablets on every desk. To enable our world class tutors all suites have dual Full HD projection and surround sound systems. Accompanying this hardware provision is a full suite of Industry standard animation specific software including the full Autodesk entertainment creation suite, Adobe Master Collection, Z-Brush and The Foundry Production Collective. On top of these standard provisions each specialist suite is equipped with the additional tools that ensure that there is no restriction to your creative flow.

Comprising of a 144m3 active area the motion capture studio allows for up to 3 actors to be captured simultaneously. Providing a frame rate of 360 frames per second the eight Prime 41 Cameras facilitate an accuracy of +/- 3mm which enables superior motion analysis. In addition a Virtual Camera System, comprising of a Shoulder Camera rig and screen was purchased. Pioneered for use in the blockbuster movie “Avatar” the VCS enables real world cinematography skills to be used and captured for use in a virtual environment.

Technical Specialists

Jack Maw
Principal Technical Officer

Alberto Marcis
Principal Technical Officer

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