The Purpose of Assessment

Student performance is evaluated against Assessment Criteria, which are the product of the aims and learning outcomes of each module. The assessment criteria describe the fulfilment of the Learning Outcomes of a module expressed in terms of the qualities of the work. It is important that you know the criteria against which your work is assessed and that these same criteria are used by you in evaluating your work. Some modules may end during a semester, and at that time submissions will be assessed and at the end of the semester the grades will be recommended to the Module Board of Examiners.

There are two ‘types’ of assessment you will encounter:

  • Formative Assessment, which can be part of daily teaching and learning experience in tutorials, when advice and comment is offered by staff or feedback gained from progress reviews. This does not accumulate towards a final grade, but does indicate progress.
  • Summative Assessment indicates a standard of achievement in relation to the learning outcomes of the module. It is this mark, often expressed as an average together with other marks from within the same module, which will go forward to the Module Board of Examiners.

The Broad Assessment Pattern for Programmes within the School of Creative Arts are such that you will generally encounter formative Assessment(s) at intervals throughout the module, and Summative Assessment(s) at key points, typically toward the end of the Module.

The purpose of assessment is primarily to show that you have fulfilled the learning outcomes of the module in order to progress with your studies or to receive an award. Assessment activities are conducted according to University Regulations (UPRs: AS11, AS14 & AS12). Assessment requirements are set out in the Definitive Module Documents (DMDs) and Module Guides. During the semester you will complete and submit work in various ways, this may receive formative and/or summative assessment.

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