Getting it right: Correct Presentation

Avoid using complex graphics software packages for writing essays. A standard word processing package – preferably Microsoft Word – is perfectly adequate.

  • The essay should be on A4 paper. Ask your tutor if you wish to use another format
  • Text should be black, in 12-point type, in a clear, readable font, such as Times or Arial
  • Text should be 1 1/2 spaced (typographically, 12 point type, leading 18 points)
  • Margins of at least 3cm should be given on all sides. Consider the binding method you intend to use, and whether you need a wider left margin
  • Pages must be numbered in a single sequence throughout, excluding the title page. This is essential for feedback, when your tutor may refer to specific parts of your essay

If you set up the format correctly when you start to write the first draft you will have one less thing to worry about at the final editing stage. As you are writing, remember to save your work constantly and make several back-up copies as you go along, for example on CD and memory stick.

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