Assessment of accredited work experience

All types of learning, including work experience, must be appropriately and formally assessed if they are to be formally recognised (accredited).

For the purpose of a short or medium-term work experience

A bespoke ‘Assignment Briefing / Feedback Sheet’ should be created by the tutor using the standard template used in the School. For tutors, the Assignment Briefing Sheet template is available on the School of Creative Arts StudyNet Department page:

(StudyNet > Creative Arts > Department Information > Assessment Handbook and Forms).

The Assignment Briefing Sheet should:

  • provide the Learning Outcomes (drawn from the relevant DMD)
  • act as an agreement between staff and student of Learning Outcomes to be assessed
  • include a clear written brief, detail submission requirements and outline expectations for the purpose of assessment
  • include an agreed list of when and how the student and tutor will be in contact throughout the work experience

For the purpose of a long-term work experience (sandwich year)

Tutors should use the Sandwich Year Assessment form. The form is available on the School of Creative Arts StudyNet Department page.:

(StudyNet > Creative Arts > Department Information > Assessment Handbook and Forms).

Key characteristics of any accredited work experience that are mandatory are that:

  • the brief must be generated outside the programme of study and be part of a real working context (i.e. not a public competition brief)
  • there must be a professional work experience contact able to evaluate student performance if necessary

In the School of Creative Arts, students will normally be assessed by a portfolio of evidence of work undertaken, and by an accompanying reflective piece focusing on what has been learnt from the experience.

Students will negotiate with their academic tutor the breadth, depth and exact composition of the portfolio so as to make it commensurate with the student effort required for the amount of academic credit claimed.

The format of the reflective piece should also be negotiated between the student and the academic tutor.

The next page contains a guidance note for the suggested format and length of a Final Report for Short-, Medium- and Long-Term (Sandwich) periods.

The report should be largely in the student’s own words and should not include in the main body any company handouts or listings which are not strictly necessary.

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